I am a bit late? what should I do now?

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I ran few fb ads and around 10-12 customer visited my store and subscribed to my news letter but I was not prepared for it and didn't created emails so when they subscribed, they didn't get any mail from my store. It's been a month since I sent any mail to them and also one customer checkout but didn't purchased to him also I have not sent any mail 

What should I do now and fwhich type of first mail should i send them

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I would just think in terms of value... how can you give them value?

- Special discount
- Announce a cool new product
- Interesting piece of content, like a blog post or video that speaks to your audience's interests

Or if it's the first content, do a welcome email but put a joke in there about how your robot fell asleep at the job and forgot to send the emails... I think more people enjoy personality and honesty these days.

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Thank you Joe 

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Joe's Ideas are really useful.

Let us know if we can help you in the future 🙂

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Yeah sure