I am having issues with creating a TikTok custom audience

I am having issues with creating a TikTok custom audience

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I have created a pixel and campaign targeting view content and have received 1.2K+ conversions for this campaign and went on to create a custom audience. However, when I did this it first only showed 680, the next day it showed 758 although that was more than the number of conversions in those 24 hours. I have had over 100 more conversions and the custom audience is still stuck on 758. I have spoken to TikTok and they are saying it is because the same people are viewing my website but I find it a bit weird that the number is not changing. Surely it would move up by some from 100 people? I feel as if there could be some glitch. And on top of that I have tried to look at the number of people who have triggered the view content event in events manager, switching it from every to once and there are error codes coming up. I have also spoken to tiktok about that and they suggested various things that do not work. 


I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or has been through a similar thing. I have tried to look everywhere online for answers but cannot seem to find anything. 


Any help would be appreciated. I hope I explained this properly, please let me know if you need any info.

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Hi @Shanaliens


I think you may have found some issues there for sure. It sounds like you do have auto-refresh switched on, but might be worth double-checking. I did read somewhere that it can take TikTok up to seven days to fully refresh audiences, which seems a bit long but may indicate that they only update audiences once the size of your pixel audiences reaches certain milestones. 


One other thing you might try is uploading customer lists and see if you get a decent match rate with them. There'll always be problems there as its dependant on consistency in the data that people use across different platforms, but could be worth a try.


I hope some of that helps... 

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Hey @Brendan-Optily, I forgot to mention that this is happening when I create new custom audiences. So the first time it was 680, then I created another one and it was 758 but after that each one I create stays at 758. 

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It will be great if you share the screenshot here.

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