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I can and will increase your Stores sales.

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Hey guys, I have always wanted to have the opportunity to share my insights and have been for small business owners, online business owners, and even influencers. I figured maybe I should be of value to the community and share my experience and help to increase others sales by handling and consulting their branding. Here are screenshots of examples of my journey:

September: I began trying to figure it out

Please email me for serious inquiries. My monthly fee is negotiable to your fb ad budget. Of course if someone pays more I put a little more effort into it, however I will still nurture the campaigns and help you reach your goal. 

1.) Objective

2.) researching winning product

3.) Guide you from PPE - CTW - View content - Add to Cart - Purchase. 

Serious inquiries only please:

Just an update: I sold this site for a total of $30k with only having it for 4 months 🙂 


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Wow, it's so amazing. I will send you an email and please share me your tips to increase sales? 

Thank you in advance.