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I can't measure revenue from Facebook Ads on Basic Plan. I need a solution please!

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I've been running a succesful campaign on Facebook offering a free sample of my product. To date I've had over 200 conversions.

Now I want to run a report on Shopify showing how many of these sample orders have converted to larger orders.

The support guys have been really great but it appears this information is not available on the Basic plan. This seems crazy to me as it's essentail inforamtion to know where your revenue is coming from and should be available to anyone using Shopify in my opinion.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has the same issue and has found a work around or app that would help?


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Hi there Richard!

Don here from Shopify. 🙂

The majority of the reporting features available via Shopify can be accessed on the Shopify ($79) plan or higher.

To offer our merchants the cheapest possible way to get started with selling we also offer our Basic plan, with reduced functionality, for only $29 USD/month.

If you feel you are not doing enough in sales at this point in time to move up to the full Shopify plan then it might be possible to access some reports from the higher plan by using a reporting app from our app store, though there will usually be a charge associated with using an app like this.

Check out some of the apps available for this, consider some of the expanded functionality and lower rates on the higher plan levels and think about what the right solution would be for your business.

All the best!


Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Try Ecomfit, it's free. They have other awesome features too but I should let you experience it yourself xD.

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It's not a long-term perfect solution but if need to check this just for this campaign You could try using excel or google spreadsheet

- export your order data to z CSV (date, shipping address, value)

- import it to your tool of choice like google spreadsheets

- order the data by customer id or e-mail or address

Then you should have the orders for the same address or e-mail next to each other and you can see if there were more then 1 order per address or e-mail - you'll also have the data about when the bigger order happened and how much was it.

Of course, if you have a lot of data that could be time-consuming.

Want to know how many Zombies visit your store or how Weather-dependent are your sales? We got apps for that -