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I cant reconnect my Facebook account to Facebook Shop

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In my sales channels I cant connect Facebook Shop, it says that "Your Facebook account doesn’t have admin access to the chosen page", and that´s not true.

Even it results weird because I had not problem connecting my business page for app Facebook Marketing. 


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Do you know what I have to do and hot it affects my online store?



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I hate to recommend the stereotypical answer, but have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? It looks like it is having some sort of trouble with the button that may be solved by reinstalling the app. 


You may also have more than one Facebook page selected in the permissions window. Be sure to scroll through everything to make sure that you are only sharing one page with this app. 


If you're going to use influencer marketing to help grow your store, then I recommend Carro. It is a free Shopify app that helps you discover the influencers who already love your brand. 

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Thanks for your answer. I did what you suggested, I deleted the app from the SALES CHANNELS and downloaded it again and the same legend still appears:


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Now I can connect my account but it says that I need to have a Facebook Page for the account you’re signed in with, and of course I have it!




I have this problem from the business manager, it does not allow me to connect the Facebook page.



Before the Facebook buying channel was connected, it broke up for a while here. In contrast, the Facebook Marketing app was linked without problem.




I need help please! 





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Have you find a solution to you issue ? I have the same problem on my side and i can't find any solution. 

If someone can fix this it would be great. Thanks



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Did anything ever come of this question? I'm having this issue and can't figure out how to fix it.