I could produce millions in sales and I'm stuck

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I'd like to tell you my story and see if somebody could advice me the best exit from my dead end.

Long story short, me and my team created a bunch of online retail stores for years.
Not all the products are in store, but we are promoting ourselves anyways, and we get massive and cheap traffic from search engines.
People come in, people pay at the shop to our Stripe account.
In case we don't have product in our disposal - we commence a refund from the stripe.

All traffic we have is HIGHLY targeted, each visitor came in for some special product, and if he(she) is looking for a 10'foot trampoline - he wouldn't buy a self-made napkin. Mistarget turns traffic into junk.

What I have now is over 500k goods in out store network. Some of them are simply Amazon parsed products, some from topsellers @ Ali, some from Alibaba, etc.

We have a statistics, what people are looking most at this month, at previous, at January.

1 Shop has a cashflow ±4 MILLION dollars a month, and 99% of them are refunded, as we don't have the products to ship.

For almost 6 months I'm running over the internet, screaming to everybody "Start selling those EXACT products, the price don't even matter, we HAVE the sales" - but nobody want to ship the productcs we name. We made the marketing research nobody cares. Everybody wants to sell their self-made napkins, that have nearly ZERO demand.

I've tried Amazon, we had eCPM $320 from 1k visitors on a comissions themselves.
But the Amazon ripped us the day before payment.
"We've found that your shop is using paid keyword networks to promote, so we keep your money and get off". That's it.
I'm waiting for 4th month for an AvantLink aprooval and a few weeks for Walmart (which has the same reason to not pay to us".

So, I'm stuck.
We have literally TONS of traffic, that eager to pay (keep in mind our merchant), and produce sales, but I have nowhere to lay that traffic.
I'm selling banners on the shops 😞

Made a posts on Shopify community and nobody want to adapt for a demanded products, everybody are selling their beloved selfmade napkins.
We had 72k refunded orders for Infaltable pools this spring, and shipped 81 (!) order.

Anybody here, who want to start his real retail?
Any idea of the businessman who want to made a retail sales over US market?
Where to go?

I have no idea and my hands are down.

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The money that nobody want to bend and take from the ground.


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Solution found with the forum help.
Consider the topic enclosed.