I don't understand why Faebook bill my account every month?

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Hei voisitko neuvoa mien saan katkaistua nämä fb oudot laskut? Joka kuukausi tämäkin lasku tulee ym ?
Olen yrittänyt kysyä fb syytä monta kertaa saamatta minkäänlaista vastausta, mikähän lie oikea osoite?
I don't understand why you bill my account every month? I ask for your clear answer, otherwise I will take the reins into my own hands.
This is an unpleasant situation!
I have asked this many times, is there any other option but to deny these shady invoices?




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If you're not running any ads and still getting bill, that's wrong. Just make sure no ads are running from your account. 

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