I finished/ tested my website took me 1 month as i took it slowly but now im ready, What should i watch for while promoting it + where

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Hi there,

So i worked on my dropshipping store/site for about month took things slowly and tested everything, i even was 1st my own client lol to see how it works and if everything is good.

Now that im all ready next step is advertising it ?

What are your guys advices ?

, i wanna strictly avoid instagram as i don't personally like it. I'm getting shadow banned'' for no reason and its just annoying me and i don't want to use this app ever again.

I have google ad credit apparently, what are your tips to use it well ? 

Also i wouldn't want to get it too popular i would be ok with at least 1 customer or 1-10 customers for now or maybe maximum 100customers as i thought from all those videos ''you don't need to spend'' but after making my first order by my self on own website i realised that its not really that i dont need to spend as i do need to sort of ''invest'' in it as the money customer pays im getting it next 7 days so im basically paying for customer items from my own money.

But yeah Where would be the best to advertise my site [Clothing fashion for women, tops , bodysuits for now] i was thinking of facebook and google ads, what are the other options ? and what are your advices for people like me that starting up and tips and what to avoid ?

I could give people who help [give valuable information about ads] 40% discount but as we all know here what is dropshipping you probably know that you can get it cheaper lol.


Thank you very much for any help !


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Hey there, judging by this post, you're new to Shopify, right? Well, I don't think you are looking for the right information, so I'm going to help you out. 

Alex Becker and Justin Cener (look them up!) created a webinar that teaches you step-by-step how they got a store to 200$/day.

Justin will teach you how to pick the right products,create the right ads and target the right people; Alex will teach you how to multiply your customer's value by sending them emails.

And as a bonus, you get full access to the Alex Becker Academy online marketing course just for attending (normally worth 670$)!

You can sign up for the webinar here: http://bit.ly/2EYxdFk

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Hi Bart!

My name is Shirley and I’m the Marketing Coordinator at a company called Dynamic Creative. We are the only Google Channel Partner in Australia to specialise in Google Adwords and Google Shopping for e-commerce websites.

We’ve created the only Google AdWords & Google Shopping patented technology in Australia and the U.S. that can automatically build an ad for every product on your site and update the price and availability on those ads hourly resulting in ads that are more relevant to people searching for your products on Google. 

I'd love for one of our consultants to give you a call to better understand your situation! This is free and it'd be a great way to explore other marketing strategies that can help increase visitors and sales!