I get tons of traffic but no sales

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Hi, my name is John and I have a problem. My store gets anywhere from 30 to 70 visitors per day and I just can't seem to capture a sale. I offer free shipping, But I'll have customers add to cart but they never seem to reach checkout. I have an average view on my site of 61 seconds, but I'm not getting any sales. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I run facebook ads once a week, I send out emails once a week, I have adwords, but no sales. Confused!!

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Hey John,

I visited your site www.thewallaceemporium.comand spent some time looking around. My initial thought was that the site is waaaay to busy. I got a sensory overload which was off putting.

I'm assuming that this is your first site. Your goal should be to build up a cash cow which is just working. You want to get to the point where the site is running itself and all you need to do is process the orders. So my advice is to start with a much simpler site which is focused on a specific segment, specific products and a clear sales funnel.

Something else which stuck out is the fact that you aren't collecting emails using a popup. You want to grow your email list from day one since this will become a high converting channel you can go to every now and then. I'm biased but Sumo is great for this.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi John, 

I agree with Justin, there's just way to much going on and it takes me a while to figure out exactly what the store is and what the brand represents. Maybe just try simplifying and see how that goes. Cheers


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Hello John Wallace,

As per your Problem listed regarding "NO SALE" even when Advertisement for the shopify shop was done with Facebook/Adwords/Email.

In a very brief and short i would like to suggest you to only go for SEO and also location specific (For the location that you serve), Going for a Facebook marketing is useless, just a waste of money as it is just as per my opinion. If a person is seriously looking to purchase anything and he want to sell he will fristly search that on google, On facebook audiance usually search when they are boared.

Issues in your Website:
As i went to your website http://www.thewallaceemporium.com/ from the first Landing page only i was totally bored, you can worked on :

  • As there were lot of Model-popup that appeared for Notification and Newsletter, when a new customer visited you frist time and even don't know who are you and what quality of product you sell, how can he subscribe to your Newsletter and Subscription. Recommendation: Here you can put-up a modal popup for client to get the update regarding Coupon Code and Discount, The turn-up ration on these popup will defnately increase, you can have a try to this.
  • There is UI Problem in your header also, the design is not perfect, they have lot of errors in them.
  • The Countdown Timer is giving a Rough look.
  • Please look at your store designing point's Very Seriously. As how you present your store before your customer that only built your market reputation and your customer start recognising you, Even your Logo file is not good, get it created in HD version so that even a logo is visible very clearly.

If a customer comes to the website of this kind of store, with just from the designing project, he can judge that the store is a fresh startup.

Marketing is not just you market your product, it's also applying your brain in marketing yourself and your product.

  1. Spend some amount to build your identity and your product identity in the targeted area where you sell, that can be easily done by Google SEO. So that only the targeted audiance type can be attracted towards the produt and Service offered.
  2. I do not recommned for Facebook Marketing, as i have spent a lot and the outcome from that was negative as expected.
  3. Then you can also try to sell on your Respective Marketplace like Walmart/Jet/Newegg/Sears.

I have selected Jet and integrated my shopify store with it now as these marketplace are already a reputed marketplace in the industry and have a huge traffic to it becomes more easier to increase the sale.
For some integration app check it out here for jet:

Hope the idea helped you.

If you want to discuss more on that you can skype me at live:navedsiddiqui_2

Naved Siddiqui

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Hey John! Good traffic - is a reason in your case to start using an affiliate program. There are a lot of them, e.g. Travelpayouts. It will help your visitors to book flights or hotels etc. 

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Hi John Wallace,

You have a digital marketer here. I see that there are some problems with your site. Let's go through your site

1. Overview

Hey, why the header menu bar is too big, it takes nearly haft of the screen, so that it reduces the visibility of your web content

2. Homepage

You selling Fashion, why there is a Kitchen Mixer in your homepage? It really makes me confused about what you are selling.

There always a big hero banner on top, which shows the most featured item. Hero banner in an online Fashion store is as important as the show window in an offline Fashion store. There should be a button on the banner, so people can take action right away. It's very good that you have a banner like that

Some images are not in high quality, please fix them, they make the product page unprofessional

You can learn from other big eCommerce to see how they make their homepage. Zalora - the biggest Fashion site in Asia - is a good example

3. Product Page

To increase conversion/sale. It is essential that you focus on the product page. I have carried out a research and see that most of Shopify merchant pull traffic to the product pages. I think your product page is not strong enough to persuade people to buy

When shopping online, people are fearful of a lot of things. They fear of being deceived or receive a product that they do not actually like it. So you should add some elements to remove that fear.

  • Add some trust badge to increase your trustworthy
  • You have shipping & return policy section, it's really good
  • Add countdown clock on discount item, that makes customer feel urgent to buy from your site
  • Add video review, videos are always more trustful than images
  • Add some fake reviews, so that people have the reason to trust you

I really recommend you spend some time reading about elements that improve your product page

4. About us page

You do not have an about us page. I think the about us page is one of the most important trust factors. Tell more about who you are, where are you from, your people... Having a look at these "about us" page case study may help you design a powerful & convincing about us page

5. Blog

You do not have many blog post. In my opinion, selling Fashion is selling trend and style, so that, a styling blog is so valuable for SEO, brand, and traffic. You can write a blog about fashion trend and advertise it on Facebook or Instagram. In the blog, you can mention your product. I think it would be better that you advertise your product directly



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Hi Jon,

It looks like you your site is only a few months old as the domain name was registed in September of this year. So it's a really new site.

The main issue here is that no one has heard of you...yet. : ) 50 to 70 visitors is great but you're in a very competitive marketing with clothing so you need hundreds of visits a day if you really want to see sales.

To start off, your focus should really be to get your brand messaging out there and not focus on sales. Basically ask yourself why would someone buy from me over a competitor? What makes you stand out from everyone else? How are your products better than another etailer? Clothing is very personal because it examplifies a person's identity. So you have to resonate with a person's identity and not just sell clothes.

I read your about section and it is a a bit confusing:

Our mission is to bring you a new, fun, and easy shopping experience. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our goal is to bring quality products into your home and life. We plan to grow our emporium little by little to offer merchandise to fit any moment or need in your life. Our clothing apparel has something for the entire family. Enjoy our electronics, we have cameras and camcorders to catch those special moments. If you need to get outside or get away we have outdoor attire, camping equipment and sporting goods. Check out our novelties to find a variety of gifts for coworkers or even a gift for a family member. Another goal we have is to connect with our customers. Visit our Facebook page to see new items listed. Send us a message about your shopping experience.

How is is your shopping experience different from other Shopify sites? There are a lot of different things you are conveying and it's not cohesive.

At the end of the day, I recommend really being crystal clear on your brand identity and getting the message out to draw in people that resonate with that identity. Then the sales will come in.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for the feedback. I understand that I have to work on my product pages, they need a lot of work. One thing I don't understand is when you talk about my branding. What exactlly is product branding? I sell more than just fashion. I'm more of a general store than anything else. I understand that most people want to run a niche store but I don't. I don't want to get into the latest fad and then in 2 months have to start over. Also, what exactly is a hero banner? I have a lot to do and research to be profitable, but there is still a lot that I don't understand.

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Hi Jon,

You don't have to be niche (although they generally do well because they identify with a specific audience) but as a general store, then it comes down to the question, again, why would someone buy from you versus another general store? Nordstroms is a general store yet they have an identity. It isn't about being a fad either.

Jon, its not product branding exactly its your website branding. Think of branding as telling your business' story.  What sets you apart from other clothing/fashion websites?

Hero banner on your site is the big blue area where your logo is along with the search bar.

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Hey Benjamin, so should I have a particular type of background in my header instead of it just being a solid color? I'm picking your brain to try and make myself better. Now I understand what you mean by branding. I know that I should put that in the about me page. But should I put some type of content on my front page too?

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I have visited your website thewallaceemporium.com and a product page https://www.thewallaceemporium.com/collections/clothing-women/products/2017-casual-solid-fleece-over... and see there is very less product description. You should write more high quality and sale generating content. I was doing the same mistake but once i replaced product descriptions provided by a freelance writers, i see increasing in numbers of sales. I used to hire expert shopify store writers from this content marketplace. Its free to try 

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Hi John,

Am I imagining things or did the header section get smaller? If so, looks much better. Right now i don't think you have to adjust the header. Unless you wanted to move the offer for free gift with first purchase banner into that area. At the very least, putting that offer higher on the site. This would be a good call out to stimulate sales.

As for the content, I would make those banners for the online shop and halloween clearance much smaller. they take up a lot of prime real estate that you can add other things to.

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Hey Benjamin,

Yeah, the header is smaller. I made it the same width as my logo, it was a little to big. I'm not really that good at graphics, so I need to find a free program that I can use to resize my images. I already have canva, but you have to pay to resize and I'm not ready to pay for anything yet. Now with me being a general store that has everything, I put my mixers on there for a limited time offer. Should I find another product to put there too so that it doesn't look like I have wasted space?

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Yes, I would recommend more products in that space from a general best practice. However, it's down the page so people have to scroll down to see it.


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Hello Jon

I hope you are doing well.Earning the sales is an art.You need to impress the audience.There are various factors on which your sales depends.Some of the Factors are:-

1)Landing Page-Landing Page of your website should be very simple it should not be very bulky.All the neccessary things which user wants to perform should be fulfilled from the landing page.Landing page is the heart of any website with out good landing page you can't earn good sale on marketplace.

2)Description-Your description should contains very specific keywords.It should not be very large it should not be larger than 160 characters.There are extensions through which you can decide your meta description and keyword.

3)Video Analysis-For checking the behaviour flow of your audience you need to have tools through which you can check the audience thinking You can use Hotjar to check the behavour flow of your seller why they are not purchasing your items.

4)Re-Marketing-Remarketing is very important if you launching any new products before the releasing of the product you can inform your older audience so that when you launch the product you already have the customer to buy that product.In this respect you can use mailchimp for keeping track of your audience.

5)Multichannel solution-If you have not started selling on marketplace now is the time start from today itself most of the sellers have integrated their store before Black Friday and Cyber Monday and they have reasonable done very well.As almost 20 days are left you can integrate your store with marketplaces to earn good sale on this Christmas and New Year.

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I am having the same problem with my store (Computers4LessTN.com). Is there a good service that you can pay to go over your website and **bleep** the problem of "I'm getting traffic, but little to no sales"? Basically, a professional that can look at your website and tell me what the problem is.

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For me i hired experts shopify store writers from this content marketplace. Its free to try 

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How about starting with a free service instead? You should consider double checking your work on a store analyzer tool before you begin advertising. This can make a significant difference since we can't always catch the details that can really hurt your bottom line.


So, using a free Store Checkup Tool like the one from AdScale might be of help as it will:

  • create a Personalized Store-Readiness Report
  • deliver in-depth guidelines for store optimization
  • notice the details that SEO crawlers look for- before it's too late

After you have made the updates suggested, feel free to contact me or comment here for additional feedback.

AdScale is the best way to advertise on Facebook & Google because we use the power of your store data (that they don’t have) to run highly targeted ads and get an average ROAS of 10X.
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Hi @John_Wallace1 . 


30 to 70 visitors per day is far less data to draw meaningful conclusions. 


Work first on fixing your website's aesthetics as mentioned from others, and then focus on increasing the traffic you send to your store.