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I'm a 16 year old teenager and I started learning about ecommerce about a year ago and a half ago. My parents don't believe in me as much when it came to this so I had to ask my uncle/aunt if I could work for them to get money to open the Shopify store. I got the $29. I don't have a credit card and my parents didn't want to lend me theirs because of what I said before. I asked my brother and I gave him the $29. But now, I have no more money and I can't do facebook ads. I have worked so hard on designing this store for about 2 months (I kept asking for trials - thank you Shopify support) and I don't want to let it go to waste. Is there someone here who could help me on how to get free traffic? I know SEO might be complicated but is there a way for me to do it?

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Here is the name of my site belacuna.com

I appreciate any type of advice or feedback. Thank you for your time

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First of all, I want to say it's very nice to see such a young member on this forum. Congrat on your store, I take a quick look and it look very fine for me.


As for traffic, since paid ad is out of the question, organic sources is all you have to rely on for now. I think your best bet now is making use of your existing relationship for free exposure. Ask your friends and acquaintances (preferably ones with a high number of followers) for help: for example by taking a picture of them with your products, make a Facebook/Insta post then link back to your store and fan page. Once you have a certain amount of followers, try to do a giveaway (with the requirement of sharing your post, of course).

On this note, I don't see any Facebook fanpage link on your store so you might want to set that up. Traffic comes from making your self known, so the more online presence you have the better.


There are completely free traffic sources out there as well. One of them being another Shopify stores. This is done by joining an ad exchange circle: by allowing other merchants to advertise their products on your website, you get to advertise on their site in return with no cost involved. This is effective because the traffic is already of high quality – these are people willing to at least browse your store’s content so you don’t have to try to **bleep** their attention from whatever they are doing.

There are apps that do this for you and most of them come with free plan so you can try them out as long as you want. Instant Traffic, for example, is one that does this effectively.


Doing SEO yourself is entirely possible, but a detailed answer will be too long for here. This blog post compile the basic resources you need - just scroll down to the "Recommended learning sources about SEO" section. There is no other way around it: you need to read and teach yourself. Even if there is someone else do SEO for you, as the store owner you still need to know the basics.


Lastly, even if things don't go your way and the worst case scenario happened: don't be discouraged and take it as a learning experience instead. The only people who never make a mistake are those who do nothing at all.


Hope my answer is of some help!

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Hi, @Belacuna


Good for you for all the effort you put into starting your store. It takes determination and hard work to be successful in business, two qualities you seem to have.


I'm curious to know your business has been going since you last posted. What have you been doing to get traffic to your site? There are a few different ways to get free traffic including creating a strong social media presence, getting featured in online publications, and showing your expertise on what you sell through a blog. This blog post on our website talks about how to create a social media marketing strategy.


I'd love to hear your experience so far and what your current challenges are. 

_Ash_ | Social Care @ Shopify
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