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I'm new to shopify and I have a marketing question

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I saw a video the other day for another platform that cost $799. The idea of that they had would work on any platform I believe. The idea was to have a landing page offering something free like a book, just pay shipping and handling the second page you would up-charge by asking if they wanted to buy a CD or another book or something. If the customer decides they don't want to give their credit card number you can send an email saying hey you still have your free book and oh by the way we have a CD or DVD we want to give you for $10. This would be a cycle of say a week asking the customer to complete their purchase. Is this possible with Shopify?

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Here's my question a little clearer. Is it possible to send emails to customers who are interested in getting the free book but haven't committed just yet?

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I have purchased expensive courses from so called “marketing gurus“ and still was not getting any conversions at all. I nearly gave up but then I found ConnectExplore, it’s amazing! 


If you don’t know already, ConnectExplore shows loads of interests that can be targeted with ads, but that are not shown in the Facebook Ads Manager. Also, if you connect your Facebook ad account, ConnectExplore show unique campaign statistics that you can’t get through Facebook Ads Manager. This will show you amazing information about what parts of your ad is working and what parts to remove so you can streamline yours ads to make them a lot more efficient and profitable. 




To get ConnectExplore please go to


ConnectExplore shows data that would otherwise remain hidden, this provides an amazing advantage to its users, as most other advertisers don't have access to this hidden data. 


There is a flaw in facebooks Ads manager, it shows just 25 interest suggestions related to a topic, they effectively steer advertisers to use these interests, which unfortunately is most often broad interests, not hyper-targeted small onesSo everyone is targeting the exact same interests and this makes ad costs literally skyrocket. And like my ads these people that see you ads probably aren’t interested in buying your products anyway. 


And the problem with Facebook Audience Insights is that most of the interests you find are useless as most of these can’t be targeted with ads as they are page likes not actual interests. 


ConnectExplore shows you hundreds of related interests to target, that are related to any topic. For example is the fitness niche Ads Manager shows just 25 interest suggestions, ConnectExplore returns 363 results, that's is a staggering 338 more than Facebook.




Also they have a brilliant offer on at the moment. If you get ConnectExplore today you get a 30 day free trial of ConnectSuit. ConnectSuit consists of ConnectRetarget (a tool to build retargeting audiences, based on website engagement), ConnectLeads (tool to sync leads acquired through FB lead ads into your CRM), ConnectAudience (tool to sync your autoresponder lists with retargeting audiences), ConnectAutomate (tool to automatically boost Facebook posts).



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What you're describing here is a sales funnel.


Where traffic visits a landing page, opts-in for a free ebook and then sees an upsell selling something. 


If they don't buy the upsell they still get the book via e-mail. 


Usually these funnels are implemented through Landing page softwares like Clickfunnels or Leadpages. 


It is also possible not in the exact way though, to build these kind of funnels through Shopify but you will need additional applications.


First you need to create a landing page in Shopify for people to be able to download the ebook. For this you will need an application that let your visitors download digital products. 


These are some good options:


Then, once they go through the checkout process which will be 0$ they will see an upsell with the actual offer. 

You can use:

One Click Upsell for this.


Last, through the upsell application you can connect with your email provider and send emails to anyone who doesn't buy your upsell.


Hope this helps. 

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Hey, @nevitt99!


My name is Lilith, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify.


You can do this a couple of ways on Shopify! From my experience in using funnels like this, I've had success using two methods. Before I go into it I wanted to give you a bit of a heads up on what the upsell funnels like this work well with.


When Should I Use Sales Funnel Pages?


Here is a list of some of the most useful reasons to use this format of online selling. If you don't fit into these categories, that is okay, you can give it a try. However, it would be best to use Method 1 below instead. These categories are mostly based on experience and general recommendations.


  • If you have a high priced service or product as an upsell that is not considered an impulse buy
  • If you are working on major product launches and would like to test the efficacy or potential
  • You are offering a service as an upsell
  • Your goal is to mainly create an email list and generate leads not related to the product
  • If you're wanting to A/B test products for a future website launch
  • If you sell approved affiliate products
  • The product you sell is very unique and can benefit from creating buzz and incentives first


Method 1: Using Apps


I recommend using Omnisend or TriFunnels for this method. It's a bit more convenient to get a few apps installed and begin building some effective funnels to increase conversion rates. This gives you a chance to decide which direction you'd like to go with.


Omnisend is one of my go-to automated email delivery services. It's got a user-friendly interface for any level business owner to use. I've used it myself for the majority of my businesses to create funnel emails. I find that emails are underutilized by e-commerce for brand development and sales funnels.


Here's a great Shopify email marketing guide you can use to begin building a solid strategy for sales funnels using automated emails. I highly recommend making sure you segment your customer lists in Omnisend to separate possible buyers from those who may need a bit more of an incentive to trust your brand. Each type of customer group will need different styles of sales funnels. It's good practice to offer that freebie and some good solid content before upselling them later on with a higher price point product/service.


Using your email sender, you can incentivize your visitors to subscribe to your email list to receive a free item (digital product or discount). This is a great way to simplify your funnel process by using the email funnel system without changing your brand identity on your site.


TriFunnels is a private unlisted app that I've had an opportunity to test out for a few years. This is a great mini-funnel system that allows customers to drop in on a landing page that you create with a product of your choosing. From there you can create different funnel steps based on the action your customer takes on each page. I've used this to test product viability and for other businesses that had an upsell product price point between $100-$200. Give it a try and test it out to see how you like it. The developers of this app have implemented some customizations on pages that you can now use.


Method 2: Integrating Platforms Together


This one is the more complex solution but uses two really great platforms.


Shopify can integrate with a funnel platform through an account with Clickfunnels. There is a detailed guide on how to hook the two platforms up together to push your products to their funnel system and includes a great video to follow along. Alternatively, you can hook them up with Zapier using their guide here.


Let me know if that helped! I'm happy to answer any questions you think of as you work on your business.

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify 
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now i'm Working for GUEST WIFI SOLUTIONS company in india. 

when i'm approaching any owners any business they are not willing listen to me i was just thinking what to do .