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I need to ramp up my social media marketing. Any advice on ways to make this easier/more time efficient?

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I have been looking at social media management platforms for awhile like HootSuite and Buffer to see if I thought they were worth the money.   I really need to ramp up my social media marketing by gaining more engaged followers to my Facebook and Instagram pages.  ( I use Twitter, but honestly, don't find that my demographic utilizes Twitter much).  

Any advice from anyone about the best platform for the money.  I definitely think it could make my life easier.  I also experimented with one called, but they did not have Instagram at the time and I felt like that was a major hurdle. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Hi Tiffany!

Having a social media presence is really good for ecommerce. Do you have someone who is helping you out with your campaigns? Social media will be best if you can balance human and automation touches. Since these will serve as your business' representation in the platform, you should also manage these as best as you can. There are a number of leads in these medium.

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Hi Tiffany, 

I had a look at your social channels. I loved how you’re mixing up different type of content on Facebook and Instagram. 

I’ve used Buffer and Hootsuite. I like Buffer because you can schedule different types of content and if you’re limiting your scheduling to 5 posts a day, you can actually do it for free. 

I found Hootsuite to be a little complicated. The UI is not that easy to follow. 

It would be better if you use an app which specifically caters to online sellers / Shopify sellers. 

I’d like to suggest OrangeTwig. It’s a very useful app for driving traffic to website. With OrangeTwig, you’ll be able to create sales and promote your products and sales in stunning layouts on your social channels. The posts are auto-created and auto-scheduled so you won’t have to spend time designing them. Here are some examples: 

Oh and since you’re on Instagram, OrangeTwig is even more suited for you. It has an Insta-Success toolkit with which you’ll be able to do all of these: 

  • Schedule posts on Instagram from your desktop (posting will happen on phone) 
  • Find related and targeted hashtags and auto-include them in your posts 
  • Comment and like posts automatically (this is Instagram approved) 
  • Make all your posts clickable. This will really spike the conversions from Instagram. Instagram allows only one clickable link (and that too in the bio). With just one link, you can only take people to a generic page. And then buyers have to find the product that they liked originally. There is no immediate gratification and leads to drop-offs. 

And very soon, OrangeTwig will be launching Q-rator. With Q-rator, you’ll be able to post any type of content from around the web on your social channels with just a few clicks. This is what Buffer does now. 

You can try OrangeTwig for FREE to see if this fits in with what you’re looking for. 

Happy Marketing 🙂

- Karan 

P.S - you can ask your specific questions in SellerSuccess Facebook group. 


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I personally use kit for my facebook and it does a pretty good job.  But I personally do my IG myself.  And I have twitter on auto post I believe by the company bold.  For IG I also use a company called leadfriend I believe.  They follow accounts in your target niche and unfollow the ones that dont follow back, they also sent a auto welcome dm and they like and comment on post to create engagement on other peoples post.  I have the small plan that allows 1 account.   Since using them I gained 1500 highly engaged followers in about 3 weeks.  

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Viralpep - I find it helpful for all the major social media platforms as it is the most useful tool that I have come across. The best thing about Virlapep is that it provides free scheduling of posts, which is a boom for small businesses and consultants. One can add up to 3 social profiles and can continue with posting. Generally, I don’t take any risks with my client's work, but I find this tool to be the most useful of all as such it's cheaper and affordable. Luckily, I ain’t regretting it!