I need your opinion about my website ?

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Hello to all,

I'd like to hear your opinions about my website. I am getting more traffic day by day but haven't converted one of them.

Tell me the truth, please. What kind of improvements do I need ? 

Thank you to all.



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Hi Berk,

I have quickly analysed your site. Well done for starting a business and putting in the work to getting to this stage.

I'll list the things that will need attention inorder to help improve your website:

1. Site speed - When tested, your site images seem quite large, and the page load times quite slow. I tested this on a 3G connection simulator it takes about 9s which a little longer than you want. You could try and optimise your images, compress them so they're not as large and quicker to load.

2. If your main audience is english speaking, you can get the site's english proof read to ensure that there are no mistakes (example, the cookie pop up mentions 'If you continue then we'll assume you are understand this' which could read 'If you continue, we'll assume you understand this'. This will help you visitors build confidence in the brand. I notices the translation tool so this could just be a translation as the writing on the descriptions and about pages are good.

3. The instagram link needs to be changed to match your instagram name so it takes your visitors to the correct page.

4. SEO - I would look into basic search engine optimisation with the help of tools like SEO Expert, which I have used on my site and will analyse and suggest improvements that will help with your sites ranking on Google. here'e the link to the SEO app - https://apps.shopify.com/seo-expert-pro 

These are just a few things that you can look at but the site itself is good and with optimised images it can be great. If you're able to, you could include more photography on the process and perhaps even include a look book style catalogue to give buyers an imagination to buy. Blogging could add another depth to the site so its not just about selling your products.

Something I like to do for all the suggestions is look at other competitor sites and analyse their SEO and content and and see how you can improve yours. 

Hope this helps and don't stress too much, Google and shopify forums have everything you need to improve and build a great brand.


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my name is Barča. I checked your website and just let me say I really like your product and the values and the way you make your business.

I just have some points that you could maybe take a look at.

First of all, on your homepage, I think this is just really personal from me, but the picture simply doesn´t fit there for me, there is something that I don´t like on it and I don´t know what it is. Maybe it is that my first attention doesn´t go to the jewelry, but to the clothes of the women. Another thing is, that on the picture or above the picture, I would add the name of your shop in bigger letters than on your logo, to make the customers recognize it better. 

Under the main picture, I would add a few words as a description of what your shop is about and what you sell. Just in 2 - 3 sentences is enough.

To make your shop more trustworthy, I think you should add your physical address. If you have one in your contacts, it makes the customer trust you more.

One more thing is, I really appreciate you use the social media, however, the links should open in a new tab so that the customer would stay on your website as long as possible. If you don´t know how to do it, you can check this link.

Last thing from me - once you get some more traffic, you can try using our retargeting ROI Hunter Easy app, which brings back the previous visitors of your website, wh didn´t buy anything, back to the product they were looking at, with the customized ads. According to Google, 80% of visitors leave the shops first, before they make the purchase, so these ads work as a little reminder.

Wish you good luck!


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Hi Berk, 

I think your site looks great! The suggestions above are very helpful and you should take action. I was wondering where your traffic is coming from? Sometimes the traffic that comes to a website isn't the targetted audience. Like when creating social media ad or google ads you are targetting the wrong audience. They will click the ad and realize that it is not what they were expecting and go back. If you have any advertisements check to make sure you are targeting the right type of audience for your products. Here is a link to help you narrow down your target audience. 



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Thank you Kiba, Barča and Stryde member ( I cant see your name) . Some of them should have gotten to my attention such as grammer mistake, broken instagram page. I corrected them immidiately. I also did external link suggestion and now it works fine. 

I will also consider creating a blog. 

About site speed, do you know any tool that can help me. ? I am afraid to lose quality of my photos but as you mentioned it important thing that I need to solve. 

About my main photo on home page. I know and it is not my best picture but because of my theme, it autamaticly convert and crop my pictures from desktop to mobile which push me really hard to find the right picture. It does not allow me to upload different banners in mobile. 

Do you guys know a solution about that ? I asked to help center but they said, there is now 😞

One more thing, since most important thing is security in the eyes of customer, what should I improve about that. How can I climp over that obstacle ?  



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Hi Berk, 

There are a few websites that you can check your site speed and find recommendations to change. These sites can be a bit confusing on how to change the problems. Please try out all of them to see what you like and which one is easiest to understand. 




I personally like the last tool. I think the page is easiest to understand and gives great advice on what to needs to be adjusted. You'll want to focus on three main metrics, page weight, number of HTTP requests, and time to load. A few other simple ideas that will help with site speed are first simplifying your site. The way to do this is by simplifying you CSS, remove carousels and add a single optimized image instead, reduce the image size of images used and utilized CSS background instead of tiled background images. 

Hope that helps your site speed! You really only need to adjust it a couple of seconds! 

As for your main page photo, honestly, I think it looks great. But of course, you will get many other opinions on how the style looks and compares to others. I think it looks great both desktop and mobile. Sometimes themes to a website as weird rules and guidelines and they can be difficult to go around. But, I suggest if you don't love it change it to something new because it is important to have confidence in your own brand and website you have put time and effort into. 

Hope that helps! 

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Hi Berk,

First of all congratulation on creating such a professional site. Many people fail to do so.

Here are few suggestions to optimize your site further for better user experience:


  1. On the main banner, convey your USP through the caption instead of just "ONE OF A KIND COLLECTION".
  2. Font size of the About Us section is too small.
  3. Reduce the size of the video window. On desktop, it's barely fitting on the screen. 

Collection pages

  1. Maybe a short graphic banner will be better than the plain text on the top of the page to describe the collection.
  2. On the mouse hover, you can show a different image for products.

If you need any help for small theme fixes like these, we are one of the highest rated Shopify experts with affordable pricing plans designed for small tasks only.


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Hey Berk Cakar,

I really like your website. For more traffic you have to do SEO by your own or by a professional company like Business Consulting Hub. 

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Hi Berk

Think your site looks great. Think a blog where you can get some seo going with different subjects such as : how the jewellery is created, where the ideas come from may be the way to go.


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Hi Brek,

I have analyzed your website properly. Your website is SEO friendly. I found no issues related to on page SEO. I suggest you only target those websites and platforms, which can help you to make your website more profitable. Build a large Instagram network and make a connection with Instagram influencers, it is a wonderful source for taking more traffic to a website. Overall everything is ok on your website. See More here                                                                                                                  


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The only reason I think your site is not converting is the pricing. Else your site looks great. Also, if you want to attract users to buy, plan some offers.

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I think it's a good idea to add a nice picture of Ferzan and some links to his profile. It helps to build trust in the store and the story of him.


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