I would like some feedback

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Hello Everyone

I would like some feedback about my store, I have been trying to get started with drop shipping with Oberlo and Shopify and I have created this store www.herstoreonline.com. 

Also, I have been running ads on Facebook and Instagram for two weeks now and so far I get a little bit traffic (on average 30 sessions per day) but NO SALES 

The ads are targetting USA women age between 20-45, interested in "kind of product" and behavior must include Online shoppers and Engaged shoppers (5 euros per day)

I managed to create a blog with freelancers from Fiverr and post the products and the blog on social media platforms

So what could I be doing wrong? 

The delivery time is the worst thing about the store actually but that is something I can not control and I tried to compensate that with payment plan offer. otherwise, I add products every day to the store, post on Facebook and Instagram. 

Is it too early to worry? Or should I be doing something differently?


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Hi there,


Your store looks great and I love your logo!

Facebook ads are great for driving traffic, however make sure to narrow the audience to the smallest details - not just target active online shoppers.

Ideally you'd want to target women who have a specific fashion style, read specific blogs and are interested in very specific subjects, i.e. running their own business from home. If that's your target audience, you know they'll be more likely to buy quality lounge clothes, than an office attire. This kind of niching down is much more profitable approach to Facebook ads, as your audience is more relevant [i.e. more likely to convert].


Also, make sure that your landing page only asks for a sign up - don't ask for a purchase right away. Make sure to collect the email address, and then simply stay in touch via regular email marketing, and eventually turn the lead into a sale.


Hope it helps!

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Hi Mohamad,


Your store looks great! design, logo, photos, colors and theme looks very appealing, and pricing seems ok, you should be selling,


Few inputs to consider:

For all the rest you've done a remarkable job,


In regards to Facebook ads, using the standard targeting with interest is the first step but for many it's not enough to get good sales, it looks like you're not using dynamic ads? How many (unique) added to cart so far? make sure your ads investment or marketing efforts leads to getting value or learning who is your most likely to purchase audience by capturing the people who visited your store, added to cart and purchased, try using Facebook ads with our new Smart Ads app to help you get there fast from your first audience targeting to full optimization: with https://apps.shopify.com/my-smart-ads


All the best!


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