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IDFA or GAID file required to build an audience from customer list on TikTok Ad manager

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Hi guys,


Anyone familiar with building audiences on Tiktok Ad manager. Ive attempted to upload my customer mailing list to create a lookalike audience however i'm prompted with an error message which reads "You have less than 1,000 pieces of valid data in your file. Please check the data type and formatting".


Considering our customer mailing list has upwards of 10,000 members we can assume the data we are uploading (emails) is not appropriate for creating audiences. Instead we are prompted for one of 3 file types: 


    • IDFA/GAID Original Value 
    • IDFA/GAID - MD5 Hashed 
    • IDFA/GAID - SHA256 Hashed 


Are we able to export any of the above file types with Shopify as I cant see anything formatted like this in the columns of my customer export files? 


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! 




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I have about 35,000 customers and I'm trying to upload them to TikTok as well. I'm trying to figure out the same thing and can't find anything on Google. I'll let you know if I figure out the answer or a place where you can access that info and repost for you here. 

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Same problem here. Can't seem to find any info online. I'll continue searching and let you know if I find something.

Would be great if there's anyone here who can help us out!

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I'm looking for this right now as well, seems like there is very little discussion on forums like reddit for this. Currently their lookalike audiences from email are available via yellow-list. I think if you reach out to them or spend enough you get a manager and they can manually allow it.


Digging in, will reply if I find anything of use.

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Okay so, capturing IDFA/GAID from mobiles browsers cannot be done - meaning you won't have this and won't be able to get it via your Shopify customer list.


Both Android and iOS only support thru either Hybrid or native app. I don't know what those are. I believe it is some programatic advertising stuff. Probably accessible information if you spend 6 figures regularly at one of the programatic sites like The Trade Desk. They deal with all this black box data stuff, and might be able to get it for you.


Otherwise, I think best our options will be to ask for the yellow-list email subscriber upload.

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Has anyone figured this out yet? There's little to no info on it online and with Tiktok's integration on shopify, I can't see how this would be impossible. 


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Hey, just checking if anyone has worked this out yet at all? Thanks