If you only had $100

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If you were down to $100 what would you spend it on for your online business and why? Looking for the "safest" bet to get some sales and start making some money.

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Its actually good to be on a limited budget.

It makes you hustle and get creative about marketing!

Everything in life can be bought with time OR money..

Here’s how I would spend those $100 fragile dollars and then use my time efficiently to grow my store after spending that...

1/ $100 in Ads (money) ??

One hundred dollars won’t get you much in ads, but you can still generate a ton of sales if you use them wisely.

It's best for you to focus on advertising to the audience of people that know about you. This is called "retargeting" and allows you to re-engage website visitors who didn't purchase.

For example, added a product to their cart, but didnt purchase - you need to re-attract them!

People like this are clearly interested in your products, but they may have got distracted, etc. and left.

These are the most cost effective type of ads to run.

And you can get really smart with these, try running dynamic retargeting ad sequences, upsell/cross-sell campaigns and continue to drive up your customer LTV with smart campaigns like this.

Have you set up advanced retargeting sequences yet? They are going to be the best "bang for your buck"

If not, you're just leaving money on the table. I use Turbo Retargeting for these campaigns and they're magical.

It's a fundamentally new way to do Facebook and Instagram retargeting and you should take a look.?

After you set up these retargeting campaigns, you will start driving new sales and feed facebook information through your pixel with information about your customers.

Then you can take your money from new sales and re-invest it back into more traffic / ads!

Start slow and don’t step outside of retargeting until you are extremely confident. — you can’t afford to lose money, none of us really can!

Once you generate more sales from retargeting, this will enhance your other campaigns because Facebook will know who to show your ad to, given the previous customers.

Organic growth (time)

Aside from ads, focus on organic growth on Instagram and youtube.

You will need to generate brand awareness and feed traffic into your funnel other ways, given your small ad budget.

Other traffic sources take longer (time VS money) to build up they’ll but pay dividends in the long run along..

I’ve heard of some companies working with microinfluencers to generate some sales but this is tricky to accomplish and I don’t have a ton of experience there.

If you’re in the VERY early stages, take a look at Shopifys guide on your first few sales:
Guide to first few sales

If you’re in the growth phase and want to ensure you squeeze every penny out of the value of your Facebook and Instagram ads, take a look at this free email course:
How to double the ROI of your Facebook & Instagram Ads

The free  email course is pretty insightful and it goes over this:

(image from the facebook crash course page)

There are clearly multiple ways to grow your business, but it depends on your resources.

Any marketing activity requires TIME or MONEY.. It just depends on what you have 😉

If you get excited about this marketing, are passionate about what youre selling, and stick with it - you'll likely be successful!

Keep learning and never give up! Good luck!

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sorry, what advertising would you do and why would you choose that?

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There are a lot of factors to consider. What is your business? Is it one product, multiple products? What's your PTM (primary target market)? Men, women, kids? Age, income level? Lots of variables to figure out before sinking a dime into any advertising.

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From my experience, Google ads campaign are best.

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Alright, true lots of variable I see your website name is Reactordigitalmarketing, I take it you are an expert and know what you are talking about. I am looking for guidance on where I should put my money towards advertising, I have done some experimenting with Google AdWords (no luck with sales) and Facebook Ads (no luck with sales) I am selling T-Shirts, Tank Tops, and Sweatshirts that have a funny quote with a portrait of who said it, people like Benjamin Franklin, Abe Lincoln, and John Adams for now. My target audience is men and women, probably over the age of 18 for most of my products, I have two quotes that are suitable for p[eople over 21. They are not expensive products but most people don't need a funny shirt so they would have some disposable income. 


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I have understood l.line your requirement but Only by campaigning FB ads and Google ads you can get your targeted audience.

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$100 is perfect for starting google advertisement.If you run campaign perfectly by creating best keywords then by this $100 you will get a lot of traffic and sales.

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Your budget is too much poor. Please learn SEO by reading blog post then try yourself. I think that will be best for you.

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All of these are really good replies, I am currently working on SEO growth and learning the ins and outs of SEO, Google AdWords is another thing I am experimenting with as well. And I would love to do retargeting ads, if only people stuck around long enough to add to cart more often =/  I am working on solving my bounce rate issue however, hopefully that will help with retaining potential customers.

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I will not start anything, bc it's not enough.  I will spend on good daily coffee that will make me inspired how to bring good funding. 

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Focus on how to double the 100 bucks. You wouldn't get real results with advertising unless you have more money to spend. At least you should be able to spend $1k on Google ads if you want real converting traffic. And the results would be well worth it.
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If I had a 100 bucks, I'll spend this for Social Media advertising to drive the traffic from Social Media into Shopify website.