Images not Indexing on Google Webmaster

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I launched our site at the end of April, and so far google has indexed 125 out of 10,000 images. 

I have someone helping me with SEO and he is telling me that this is a problem with Shopify and I should change to another ecommerce platform. I have read quite a few threads on this with issues raised to do with the CDN storage and the cache busting, however I have yet to see what the actual solution.

1. Is anyone else having the same problem?

2. Has anyone been able to resolve this problem and if so please, please tell me how?

3. Can anyone show me a screenshot showing all their images indexed to proove it is actually possible with shopify?

I have already added ALT text to all of my pictures, and I used an app that apparently changed the names of the images to the product title, so I know that this is not the problem.

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same issue. did you find a solution?