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Import/Export swatch images

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Our website is moving to the Shopify platform and we would like to have excellent variant swatches for our product pages. We are using the Warehouse theme and the swatches need to be shown below the title on the right of the main image. (We do not want the swatch images to appear next to the main product image if possible as their could be too many.)

We sell ladies wigs and the wig colours are very important for the purchaser to make an informed decision.

This is the best the developer of Warehouse can do:

In order to use their swatch method the names of the colour variants have to be in lowercase with no spaces and they are only small thumbnails. This may work if we could re-name the image more appropriately ourselves but apparently they need to match the handleized version of the swatches name for the image, therfore there has to be no spaces and be in lower case. This does not look particularly good on the product page.

There are some apps but none are perfect. The best one we have found that is almost perfect for us is Advanced Product Options which can be seen on this test product:

However, as yet, they do not have a facility to import/export and so we would have to add a fresh template for each product which with thousands of products, each with maybe up to 20 different swatches for each product, would take forever. We are unable to use the duplicate function as each wig has a different set of colours hence the need to be able to import/export.

We mainly need:

1. To import/export the product's image swatches or to be able to make use of Excelify or similar
2. Each colour swatch image to have a name label and thumbnail and be placed below the product title on the right and not below the main image
3. Each colour swatch to have a larger image box, either static on a click or a hover over but we would rather it did not replace the main image.
3. The larger image to have:
a. the larger colour swatch image,
b. text describing the colour
c. Ideally we would like to have a link on the image but again that is not imperative
4. The product must have a colour variant chosen to proceed to the shopping basket and it must appear at the checkout and on any necessary paperwork.

If anyone could help or point us in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated as currently we are unable to swop over to shopify until we sort this problem out.

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