Importing Sales from shopify to facebook ads manger

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I'm wondering if there is some sort of tool out there that allows you to reconcile your sales with Facebook ads manager, that is not overly costly like a triple whale or Hyros.  (I'm not there yet in sales)


As most are familiar Facebook does not always record every sale and purchase amount from your ad buys.  I'm wondering if there is something like a leadsbridge that would allow you to reconcile or API into your Facebook ads manager and update missed orders.


I am currently adding a slew of UTM tags so I can see where the orders are coming from inside shopify but it would be nice to import missed sales back into FB so I could see true ROAS.  Automated would be ideal but even manual would be good.


Even treating the purchase as an "Offline purchase" would be better than nothing at all. 

Just curious if there is something out there like I mentioned.


Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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Sorry, QuickCEP... your solution does NOT have a tool that allows me to import missed purchases back into the Facebook ads manager.