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Hi, I'd love to recommend my site's sales improvement:

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386 users added to the cart while just 83 reached the checkout.


you should have a look into that flow once. is there any issue or what? 


Also, Encourage those who still have products in their cart. it will help to increase the conversion.

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I try through Facebook. But the results are really bad as soon as I focus on the audience who added to the cart.

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Can you check if I have problems with the site? I checked I don't have any problems

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How much traffic are you getting to this site? From what I can decipher from your screenshot (it's not complete) it looks quite low. Just be careful with low amounts of traffic, as you can't put too much faith in statistics like conversion rate, as the sample size is so small.


That said... some tips:


  • If your traffic comes from a country you don't ship to, they won't be able to checkout - have you checked stats by country?
  • How do different traffic segments (by traffic source / country / device type) compare in terms of conversion rate (across the whole funnel)?
  • As a side note, there is no information on your site telling customers how much shipping costs. Put it on your shipping page, and don't just say "It'll tell you in the checkout". I'd recommend putting this delivery info on the product page itself, too. Don't make users work for key info.
  • You need to tell users how long it will take to deliver the product. Ideally this should be on the product page, but always in the checkout as part of the shipping service description. When I went through the checkout, there was no mention of how long it would take. It was hidden away on your shipping page.
    • "7-24 days" is a long time for delivery. Users are used to next day delivery in this day and age - what can you do to improve delivery speed?
  • Consider using HotJar to ask users questions at key points
    • Users clicking add to cart but not checking out - Why did you not complete your purchase?
    • Users who did complete their purchase, on the checkout completion page - What *almost* stopped you from completing your purchase today?

Hope this helps!

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Hey @Seo_Expert,

Well, your store looks good. As previously suggested, have you tried using the marketing and engagement tools like the Loyalty reward program, web push notifications, countdown timer?

Have you tried using the integration of the Loyalty reward program with web push notifications, reviews, email marketing with automation? 


This integration with automation results in wonders for the eCommerce stores. It will help you in increasing conversions and sales on your store and retains the customers for the long term.


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