Including Sub-Category URL's within Shopify URL structure

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Hi there,

Apologies if this has been asked before, i have tried browsing the forums but the below post was the closet i have found, howeverr it didn't specifically help me.

On Shopify Premium, i would be looking to alter my URL structure to include a Parent & Sub-Category within the string to create a logical URL structure within my category pages. I understand i could not remove collection, however i would be looking to do something similar too;

Instead of how it currently would be;

Is this possible at all?

Thanks in advance

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A url like "/collections/usedcars/fords" could be done if assuming:

  • "usedcars" is a collection
  • "fords" is a tag on products within that collection

Is tag filtered collections going to be suitable for your needs?

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Hi Jason


This is my problem. I have main menu with 3 level.

Collection 1 is parent menu. Collection lv2.1 and Collection lv2.2 is childrens menu


In the menu Collection 1: show all product of Collection lv2.1 and Collection 2.2.

In this screen how to show list link of Collection lv2.1 and Collection 2.2 ? This means displaying all child products and subcategories in one screen.



Link Collection 1:

In the left menu, have 2 sub menu is Collection lv2.1 and Collection lv 2.2


Can you help me?

Thank you.