Inconsistency between number of email subscribers and Marketing Emails sent

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Wondering if I can have more information/ talk to some one about why there is an inconsistency between the number of email subscribers are in my list and the number of Marketing emails are sent out. Currently I have 544 email subscribers which agree to get email/marketing. However, when I create an email marketing campaign only 464 of the email addresses are showing up to have the message delivered to. 

I have check to be sure they are all "subscribed" and have not opted out, and I have even tried creating a new group of "email subscribers" instead of relying on the "all" option- the result is the same.

I am under the 2,000 emails/month- and have not received a request for authorization of payment for additional emails so I'm kinda stumped.... I really do what all my new customers to get my upcoming holiday Promos

Any Ideas? Help?

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