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Increasing Frequency Of Purchases From Your Existing Customers

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I would like to offer free usage of our Fuzzy Labs service. ?

If you already have customers (even one-time buyers), you can retain them on Facebook and AdWords with Fuzzy Labs service and increase their purchase frequency (& your revenue and ROI). Now the interesting part is how to calculate the probability of 1-time buyer making a repeated purchase (RPP).

What motivates us: 1) you have cheap targeted ads to the 'right' customers, 2) revenue increases 3) they are satisfied and hopefully do WOM marketing for you.

We're going to make a great article in our blog soon providing evidence of how repeat purchases increase the more your customer buys. On the graph, you can see the number of purchases (horizontal axis) and the increase in % of revenue (vertical axis).

It’s important to note that the more often a customer buys, the more likely they are to become a loyal patron. Customers are only 27% likely to come back again after one purchase, but that number nearly doubles to 45% once they make that second purchase. And once they’ve made their third purchase? There’s an over 50% chance they’ll buy once more. This tells us that a customer’s potential lifetime value can skyrocket the more often they purchase.


We would like to offer everyone here to use it free the following months to come. Just provide us some feedback.

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