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Hello, Shopify Members,

This Message is mainly dedicated to discuss about a Subject that has occured to me couple days ago.

First of all, i am running Ads through facebook, the first time i made it worked normally, i didn't get any problems, Furthermore, the second time i tried to Publish Something. they blocked me

I appealed again, 3 times, and now they sent me this Message :


We can't publish a shop from Shopify Commerce Account



Unfortunately, your commerce account Shopify Commerce Account doesn't meet the requirements outlined in our Merchant Agreement and is no longer visible to customers. You can't publish your items.

Our commerce requirements were developed to ensure a safe experience for customers shopping on Facebook. Learn more here. To appeal this decision, please contact support.

The Facebook Business Team


Does anyone of you have an idea about this common situation ?

I am not doing anything wrong, everything is intact regarding the product i am or my Policies.

I would really appreciate if someone of you has an Idea or Tips where i can get out of this Situation.

Your Sincercly;


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Hi, what is your store link and what are you selling?

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did you manage to solve the problem?

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No, not yet, i contacted Facebook, my account ist still closed i still didn’t get any Response.

Thank you.