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Dear business owners and entrepreneurs. We are two Norwegian students doing market research on small businesses who are working with influencer marketing or are planning to do so.  Is social media presence something you see an increased value of? If not, how do you engage and communicate with your target market?
Comment or send us a message if you have a couple of minutes to spare. We are grateful for all sorts of feedback.
Thank you for your help,
Best regards, Karl & Jan
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Hi Karl and Jan,


Social media presence is incredibly important in this day and age. For most businesses, it's non-negotiable. 


Firstly, a solid social media presence often directly corresponds to credibility. A nameless, brandless store cannot compete with one that has firm digital roots through establishing and maintaining a strong online presence. It's a question of our natural instincts as well -- are we more likely to trust a store with no information associated with it or one you could easily interact with? Most would go with the latter.


Second, there's the obvious marketing pro that comes with having a popular social media account. The more product ambassadors, the bigger the scope of your marketing. 


Hope this helps!

Marketing Specialist @ ShipMonk