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Inserting rich snippet code error

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Hello there shopify experts!
Probably this question was asked a thousand times before but I can't figure out how to solve it.

So, I am about to improve our SEO with rich snippets, like showing the price and product descriptions right under the meta title when you google our website and products. I created the rich snippet code via and inserted it in the product liquid. Unfortunately when I tested the link it shoes 7 warnings and 1 error within the price category.


The warning says: The price property is not recognized by Google as an object of type Product.

And the error a little below says: The price field requires a value.


I hope you can help me out with it, thank you !


Greetings, Linda





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What is a product URL where you've made the changes? That will help someone to see what you've done.

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Hello, thanks for the respond!

this is one of the product pages. Unfortunately I had to delete the changes within the product liquid because I was shown on the official product page that I included an illegal code?!

I followed this instruction:

The problem obviously appears when I try to insert the code within the product liquid.


Greetings, Linda

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If you wish you can try by following our guide  - it's very detailed as it covers examples of exactly which data types and properties you should add to your homepage, collection, product, blog and article pages in Shopify.


Hope this is going to help!


Raya Raychinova
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