INSTAGRAM advertising rates 2019, share your experience!

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Starting dropshipping since 3 months I've learned a lot.

From what I have read and watched of 2017-2018 information, I feel like the story and post rates on instagram are much higher now.


In my little experience (I am in a niche):



1 influencer with 130k followers, and engagement 9%, (195average comments per post) asks 75$ (80 at first) for a story with swipe up


1 influencer with 34k and engagement 4% (114 average comments) asks for 35$ for a story with swipe up.


1 influencer with 204k and engagement 7,6% (174 average comments) asks 120$ (150 at the beginning) for story with swipe up



1 influencer with 394k and engagement 1,4% (61 average comments) asks 20$ for package story swipe up/link in bio/24h post. but too much advertising on his page now followers loose interest



Each time I try to negotiate or I cut down the price by sending the product for free.


What is your experience with niche influencers? 


What works best for you?

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''I feel like the story and post rates on instagram are much higher now.''

Yep,that's true.The research revealed that 39% of Instagram users have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Instagram Stories.

I had an experience of selling products on different platforms,including Amazon, eBay and Instagram.And as a result, sales were the highest on Instagram,that thing impressed me so much.

I have read recently that :

Instagram is projected to reach 120.3M monthly active users in the US by 2020.

So after that, I think it is one the strongest platform for sale and not only for sale.

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thank your for your reponse,