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I have recently set up my store and am researching Instagram Influencers to contact in order to help me with promotions. I already have come up with a decent script of what to say/ask when contacting them and have already found a few to contact. However, I'm lost with one aspect - my question, which may seem very stupid:

What are the influencers doing for me? Are they reposting an ad that I have posted and I'm simply sending them the link? Do I send them the picture ad I have developed with instructions on what to post? etc.? It seems like it's the most basic of things but I'm new to Instagram so I'm a bit confused on this, probably most important aspect, of Instagram Influencer marketing. 

Any help with this would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance...

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Hey Jared,

Insta influencers usually post their own pic advertising your product. So in your case, they'd take a pic of themselves wearing one of your products and the caption would be text that YOU send them. I recommend not letting them write their own caption. Give them a caption that includes a link to your store. Remember to also give them a unique link so you can track which sales come from which influencer. This way you'll know your ROI for each influencer.

Hope this helps!

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Hey Jared,

Currently with influencers it's easiest to simply send them your product and allow them their own creative expression. If you control the message too much you run the risk of having the influencer disallow your post or having their followers disregard your post as an obvious ad. Similar to product placement in your favorite movies and tv shows, it's more about getting your product out there than being obvious in trying to convert each like into a sale.

There are more effective ways to use Instagram as a marketing platform as well other than influencers that are free. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to know more. I took a brand from $0-150,000 in one year on Shopify using Instagram as the main marketing tool and a total of $900 influencer spend.

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Thank you both for your feedback. I have heard of the method of sending your product to the influencer and having them advertise that way, which makes sense. However, I have seen several tutorials online where people are creating ads in Canva or photoshop, etc. and then reaching out to the influencer and having them post the ad. I would like to go this route at the moment but am confused as to how to do it. Would I just post and ad on Instagram and ask the influencer to repost the ad? Do I email them the ad I've created with a link to the product and have them post it themselves? etc. 

Still a bit foggy on this aspect of things. 

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Hi Jared,

Scott is entirely right. The main reason why influencers accumulate large followings in the first place is that other people look up to them in a certain way (e.g. admire their style / think they're funny / believe they're experts in a certain field / etc.). So most of them will be protective about their following as well as what they share.

When presenting a brand or a particular product on an image / video they post, influencers are effectively giving purchase recommendations to their followers and you want that communication to be a bit more subtle than the influencer simply throwing out an add that you've created. That's simply not very authentic. Followers won't buy it.

So one thing you will always have to share with the influencer is not the ad that you've prepared but a product sample to allow the influencer to try your product and create content themselves. That way, influencers will also be more involved with the post and will create posts that resonate with their followers. allows merchants to set up social influencer campaigns or individual cooperations. Previously mentioned sample seeding becomes easy since linkr integrates with Shopify merchant's inventory.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Jared, 


Influencers, or at least the majority of them, are content creators. If you want them to promote your products, the best option is to let them create their own content to post. You'll just send them a product and they can review, post about, and create content for it. 


If you want to simplify the process, I recommend using the Carro app. With the Product Requests feature, you can invite influencers to shop your store and submit product requests. You can then review these product requests, approve the ones that align with your brand goals, and the orders are fulfilled through Shopify. It really makes it easy for influencers to collaborate with you and create amazing content with the products that they were most excited about.


There are a ton of ways to work with influencers as well. You can send them products to review, or you can send products for them to giveaway to their followers. Instagram now allows you to boost their posts as well, so that you can use their content in your targeted ads. You could also create a hashtag campaign with a group of influencers or use a group of influencers to help you get user-generated content from the rest of your audience. 


To get started using a more diversified approach to influencer marketing, I would recommend following some brands on Instagram that are using influencer marketing well (@modcloth, @walmart, and @target all come to mind.). Then, you can see how they are using influencer content and incorporate it into your own strategy. 


Good luck!