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Instagram Influencer Marketing.

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Hi Shopfiy store owners,

I’m looking for 10 Store Owners who are interested in me marketing your product/store with Instagram Influencer traffic for one whole week. 100% FREE.

Yes, I said 100% FREE!

So, what’s the catch? Once you start seeing results with the ads we run, we ask you to send us a testimonial to add to our success stories. That’s it! Here’s the deal… I can market your product/store on large pages on Instagram. It’s been the quickest and easiest ways to generate highly-targeted, niched traffic for under $1 per click (And as low as COST) in most cases!

Brands like MvmtWatches, FrankBody, and Kylie Jenner have generated millions from Influencer marketing on Instagram. All you do is fund the ads.

We’ll market your product completely free (well your only cost is the ad spend) for one week and get as many people as possible seeing your product and getting people to your store.  If you’re interested, message me back with your store details and i can let you know if its something i can help you out with. Only 10 FREE spots available.


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Alternatively you can email me at

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I would like to try this! 

This is my online store

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Hi Hamdallah,

Great, please send me an email at the above email address and we can discuss this further.

Looking forward to forming a great future partnership.