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Hi guys, 

I started to buy shoutout from some influencer but it didnt work like it should, I got everytime 800-2000 likes and about 30-50 comments on the influencers post everyone is commenting they love the product but nearly nobody starts following my page .. they look at our instagram page and also click the link in the bio, add sometimes products to carts but why nobody of them follows our page can anyone explain or help ? 

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I think you might be missing out on something. Do you want more info? Email me @ 

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Hey Andreas,

Influencer marketing is great as long as the fit is correct, can you let us all know who you used, what time and what day they posted and how long your post was active for?

I've run into one problem with an influencer in the past where even through a lot of research their account was a VERY good fake, they used the money to add likes and comments to the post and caused virtually zero response.

Over the past few years as influencer marketing has grown I've seen great results on a $40 post and bad results on a $5,000 post. The product fit for the influencer's audience has to be exact or they won't purchase.

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49% of people rely on recommendations from influencers when making purchase decisions. (Twitter and Annalect, 2016) 


You've got the right idea! Influencer marketing works and is being adopted by smart e-commerce marketers to boost awareness, drive traffic and increase conversions. It's one of the most effective tactics for breaking through online clutter to drive engaged, higher converting traffic to an online retail site. But not all influencers are equal and not all strategies work. I've been working with brands and influencers for years and would be happy to provide some guidance.

Can you provide some details about the influencer shout-outs?

How did you work with the influencer?

Trust is key for infuencer marketing success. It is unlike other forms of advertising. In fact, it works because it is not advertising.  Consumers face an overwhelming number of ads, content and buying options. Influencers signal trust in the overwhelming world on online retail, giving shoppers the confidence to buy. I've seen your products and prices. You have cool stuff that is reasonably priced. All you need is the right partner and the right strategy.

Here are some thoughts on how you can grow your Instagram followers and drive sales...

  • Find a fashion blogger with a large and engaged follower base 
  • Invite them to go shopping on your site for the products they love (plus a sponsorship fee)
  • The lifestyle photos they've taken with your products could be distributed through multiple channels including their blog, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • Ask the influencer to change their profile link to your pixelshop link.
  • Give the influencer a discount code (valid for 48 hrs) for their followers and fans to shop. 
  • Alternatively, the influencer's post could announce the start of a giveaway. This way you get continued activity after the short lifespan of the post. 
    • You could give away the products selected by the influencer.
    • The way to enter the giveaway is to follow you on Instagram and tag a friend in the comments. This way you grow your follower base and can continue to engage them and get them to your Pixelshop

Let's talk. My advice is always free. 

-Best, 630.269.3725

The attached image is from an influencer campaign I'm launching in a few days! Shoppable Instagram, Shoppable UGC & Affiliate/Influencer Marketing Platform Get our Shopify app!
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By the way I like the way you called out your Instagram shop on your profile.

I suggest adding ***click on the link in our profile to shop Instagram*** to all of the posts on Instagram that are featured in your shop.

if you are able, invest in some lifestyle photography or work through influencers to get some. 

Your product images look great but lifestyle shots help consumers invision the product in the context of real life. Lifestyle photos serve the same purpose as staging a house for sale, get the buyer to imagine the possibilities. They also signal trust and serve as a 3rd party testimonial.

 Looking forward to seeing results. Check your Pixelshop dashboard to see visits and revenue. Shoppable Instagram, Shoppable UGC & Affiliate/Influencer Marketing Platform Get our Shopify app!
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thanks for all you good coments Rachael!

Attached a screenshot from the last campain which runs for 2 hours, nearly 2,000 likes on the influencers post about 50 people chlicled the link in the bio and 10 added to cart on the shop, so the people like the product and everything but not even 10 new followers ..

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Andreas- Buying Instagram shoutouts will not grow your follower base as you're hoping and the followers you do pick up are probably not the ones you want.  

Any influencer worth your consideration and money is going to want to try or experience your products. They won't risk the trust they have with their fan base by plugging products from a site they haven't used, that they can't vouch for. They have too much to lose by recommending products or online stores they don't have personal experience with.

It doesn't matter if the account doing the shoutout has a million followers. If they are engaging in shoutouts from anyone willing to pay, garunteed they don't have the trust and relationships with followers to impact purchasing decisions. The practice you described in your post is absolutely a red flag.

Find a real influencer that cares about their personal brand and has a real connection with followers. For your online store you should look for stylists, frugal fashionistas, people with significant followings that post lifestyle images of themselves, their lives, etc. You'll notice that the way they promote products is by using them and posting pics. Their followers like their style and want to know where they shop. 

Find an influencer or more than one that has a follower base that's in line with your target audience.

Give them a budget to go shopping for the products they love on your site.

Pay them a sponsorship fee (there is always room for negotiations)- ask to use the pics they post on your channels.

Have them post lifestyle pics with your products, include product info and tag you.

Ask the influencer to change the link in their profile to your Pixelshop Instagram shop. Make sure to repost their pics on your feed so you can attach the products and make them available in your Pixelshop.

If you want to get followers from the campaign, do a giveaway of the products the influencer selected. Have the influencer tell their followers to follow you and tag a friend in the comments to enter the giveaway. This is an easy way to get followers who like your stuff.

Make sure to pick a winner and send them their prize! And post the winner announcement so new followers and future followers know you're for real.

Influencer marketing works when you have the right strategy. Take the budget you were putting towards shoutouts and reallocate it to do it right. 

If you have questions, email me. Shoppable Instagram, Shoppable UGC & Affiliate/Influencer Marketing Platform Get our Shopify app!
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Influencer marketing is a native advertising. It is powerful and social. However, you should choose the right influencer that has followers being suitable with your targeting customers. And each post of a famous person about your product should be not only interesting but also native.

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Andreas- You need to install the conversion tracking pixel on your website to track revenue generated through your Instagram shop. It takes a minute to set up. If you want me to walk you through it, you know where to find me. Shoppable Instagram, Shoppable UGC & Affiliate/Influencer Marketing Platform Get our Shopify app!
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I would say it depends on influencer's followers. If an influencer is doing a lot of shoutouts, this is bound to happen. We wrote a small post on Instagram shoutouts and created a list of some people who do shoutouts for almost no money. Let me know if you want to take a look, it might be helpful. - Social Media Marketing for Shopify sellers
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Natwar, I would like to take a look...

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I'm not quite sure but it seems like there was follow-for-follow (when bloggers support each other, they follow, like and comment accounts of each other to attract online stores owners) but it's necessary to look at the whole situation.

Before one starts working with an influencer, it's better to check both quality of his/her followers (there are several aspects for checking), a number of followers (it was proved that micro-influencers have higher sales). Here is a very detailed step-by-step guide regarding influencer marketing in Instagram

Best regards,
Gulnur Ismailova
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please let me know the influencers in the list. would be helpful for me.


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The Carro app is a great way to identify influencers that will have the biggest impact on your brand. Carro identifies past purchasers, email subscribers, and social followers with 5K+ followers that can recommend your product and promote your brand. This is a great way to guard against fake influencers who are just trying to get paid and may have fake followers. The influencers that Carro finds area already connected to your brand and eager to work with you!


And, it's free to use!

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share your store details i will help you to find the right influencers  

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