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Instagram influencers

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Anyone know a tool to find instagram influencers by market niche and customer domographic?  Looking to find influencers of higher end luxury accessories like jewelry.  Any ideas? 

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I need to know this too. Please help someone.

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Hi Jason and Ronnie!

I think this article could help: How To Use Micro-Influencers to Spark Sales 


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The tools today are too general (eg "lifestyle influencer" only..).. The good news is that you can find the yourself, manually.  I gave many tips here:

Good luck brand and Influencer heroes! – #DearMishuDad (Influencer contract template is here:
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Hi Jason, 


I think our app could help with that! Carro: Influencer Marketing helps you find influencers that have already made a connection with your brand. Find influencers who have made a purchase from your store, subscribed to your email, or followed you on social media with the Carro app. These influencers already love your brand and are typically more cost effective and more eager to work with you. Carro will also notify you when a new influencer interacts with your brand. 


If you are looking to discover new influencers to work with, I would recommend finding the connections who follow you on social media. They'll be familiar with your brand aesthetic and vibe. 


If you have any questions, let me know!