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Instagram "Follow" Objective

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Hey everyone! 

So  I know that when using Facebook ads, you can have an objective for Page Likes, however that seems to be just on Facebook. Instagram only has a similar objective which engagement (comments/likes). Is there something like this for Instagram? Am I missing something or have they not done anything like that yet / removed it? 


Thanks again! 

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Hello, greetings from beirut 🙂


surely you can do a promo for a website other than yours, you will need to choose a destination other than your Insta profile, you can also choose what type of links or engagement you want to have with the customers (signup, etc...).


hope this would help.

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Just follow target profile and reply to their post for your products benefit.

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Thanks for the suggestions! At the moment I have an engement objective running, all Im getting is likes - alot of them though. However what I mean is that on Facebook Ads, the 'Like Page' objective is only being able to be applied on Facebook, rather than instagram. Is there a similar option for instagram? Or only engagement with the hopes that they follow? 


Thanks again! 

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I have FB products linked to my Instagram page. Instagram aproved it.

I can tag my Shopify products to Instagram product phoytos ,therefore I can sell them but using only mobile phones.

However the same photos  when dispalyed on my Instagram page on desktop PC or MacPro do not have tagged products.

Is there any way to display tagged products on desktop ?