Instagram Shopping Domain Verification Failure

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Hi everyone! I'm a new user on Shopify and I've encountered an issue connecting my Shopify website to Instagram and Facebook Shopping. I want to link my Shopify to Instagram so that customers on Instagram can go to Shopify by tapping on a product in an Instagram picture. I've read numerous articles and guides about connecting my store to Instagram, but none of them worked. Here are the ones I’ve read: and
First, I tried connecting Shopify with Facebook through the Facebook Sales Channel in the Shopify Admin page. I successfully connected Shopify to Facebook: my items on Shopify transferred over to Facebook and can be seen on my Facebook page. However, I didn’t have the same luck with Instagram. I sent an appeal to Facebook in order to connect Shopify to Instagram since I was initially rejected from Instagram Shopping after the first review because my domain wasn't verified. Facebook replied saying that my domain was not verified for Instagram, even though I already followed the steps for domain verification through meta tagging using the links above as a guide. 
They also said that upon checking the domain provided, they were unable to verify that products are available for direct purchase, and that to use Instagram Shopping, the products must be sold and buyers must be able to fully checkout from the domain submitted for review.
I would like to know how to solve this issue and connect to Instagram. How do I successfully verify my domain for Instagram? Are there any experts who could recommend a different approach? Thank you!
This is a screenshot from Facebook Commerce Manager.
Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 2.13.09 PM.png
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Did you ever figure this out?! I’m having the same issue.