Integrating two domains with Google Merchant Center

Integrating two domains with Google Merchant Center

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I am currently managing an online store that operates under both a .cz and a .pl domain. Initially, I started my business solely on the .cz domain and successfully integrated this with Google Merchant Center, allowing my products to be featured across the Czech Republic on Google. However, I am now looking to expand my reach to include the Polish market by adding my .pl domain to Google Merchant Center.

My primary domain remains the .cz, and the .pl domain is specifically targeted for the Polish market. I am unsure how to proceed with adding the .pl domain to Google Merchant Center so that my store appears in Google searches in Poland. Could you provide guidance or steps on how to effectively integrate my .pl domain with Google Merchant Center for the Polish market?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Hi @sg124 ,

According to Google Merchant Center Account Infrastructure:

  • You can manage both different domains (like and subdirectories (like using the same Merchant Center account.
  • However, if you have completely separate domains – for instance,,,, or– each one will need its own Merchant Center account.

Hence, it seems that you cannot integrate your .cz and .pl into one Google Merchant Account. If you want to link them into the same account, consider changing your .pl into pl.yourshop or yourshop/pl


I hope that this helps!

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Okay, so does this mean that I can't connect two Google merchant centres to one shopify store?


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Same here. We manage xyz.US and xyz.UK with the same shopify account with "Market" and I don't see how to create 2 separate Google merchant feeds.