[Internal linking] To canonical or full URL?

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Hello everyone, 


I wanted to reach out to the community to hear from your opinion on this. When blogging and promoting the website, which is the best practice for SEO?


Link to the canonical URL or the full URL e.g. /collections/x/products/full-product/ ?


I would be swayed towards the canonical URL, but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts about passing link juice through the full URL, or how this is applied?? 

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Hi there, a canonical rule can be applied if there is a duplicate content issue - not sure what you mean when you refer to canonical link vs full link? Could you elaborate? 

Sending link juice via internal links should not be an issue - it can cause issue if you have high DA site and create a bunch of external links to other lower DA websites, without applying "nofollow" attribute. Hope that answers your question. 

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I am talking about the mechanics of passing link juice through a non-canalonical URL.


For example;

Full URL when browsing the website (non-canonical URL);



Canonical URL:



This is applicable in all Shopify websites due to the multi-collection product listing, ensuring that only one product is indexed but actually occurs multiple times throughout the website.


So just link directly to the Canonical URL?


My question was, would linking to the non-canonical URL pass juice to the canonical URL. I can't find any studies or information about this.

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