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Hello Shopifyers,

My name is Nicolae Drimboi and I lead the business development efforts within Pion Media agency.

We are a creative full service agency established in 2009 and conveniently located in the European Union, that has helped new and established brands of all sizes tell their stories.

What we learned in the past 11 years is that Every Brand has a story to tell, because every brand is made up of people: people who make it, people who buy it, people who use it, or simply those who interact with it. What matters is how you tell them your story.

And every story has characters, drama, obstacles to overcome, a quest or journey to be taken and many lessons to be learned along the way :)

However, we don’t have any magic potions or secret formulas for success, all we create is inspired by people like YOU.

For more info about our most recent projects, patners and portofolio, please visit : Creative Agency | Marketing & Web Development | Pion Media

Also, if you are thinking to outsource some of your online marketing to a reliable European partner and focus on your core business instead, feel free to reach us at :





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