Invalid call to gtag(), the Global site snippet is not installed

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Hi everyone,


I've been trying to install GoogleAds conversion tracking, but I can't get it to work. I installed

1) the event snippet in settings>checkout>additional-scripts (see below) and

2) the global site snippet right after the <head> tag in my theme.liquid file (see below),


but after running Google Tag Assistant I get the messages "No tags found" and "Invalid call to gtag(), the Global site snippet is not installed".


Screenshot (702).png


Screenshot (701).png

(Have replaced the AW numbers with *****)

Hope someone can help. Thanks so much!



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You also need to install the gtag snippet in the checkout > additional scripts section. That's likely where you went wrong, but your value variable may not work all the time. What you paste inside your theme.liquid file doesn't get pushed through to your order page. Shopify's documentation for setting ads tracking is limited to certain stores. For example, if you have products over 1000 in your currency or a currency with commas, tracking won't work. I suggest you follow my tutorial.

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Hi Josh, thank you!

I've tried that and it still doesn't work. My shop currency is USD (with . and no commas) and there are no products over 1000.

Tag analysis now gives the following results: Global site tag (gtag.js) is green. Google Ads Remarketing Tag is still blue, but I also didn't intend to set that one up (yet). 
Google Ads tracking status still says Unverified (even after 24 hours).
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I am having exactly the same issue. Has this been resolved for you since you last posted? 



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I have checked your issues I think code is not set up properly if it is possible so you can send me your domain on which you are working and I can help you in detail.

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hey, can u help me too? lol. same issue

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Same issue..