iOS 14 and Facebook Ads conversions tracking

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Hi, has anybody checked out the iOS 14 new ITP that is supposed to prevent tracking when you are measuring your conversions? 

As far as I see it will break tracking with fb pixel, and you still can put utm of your ads campaigns/adsets to track successful adsets, but it will cut out any user id hashes that would be helpful to do AI optimisation.

What do you think of that? There should be some workarounds with Conversions API etc or I'm missed something

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Hi @chisto 


I have the same issue with my store's customers. Apple block conversion track and this affects to pixel events.


Do you think it could be resolve if we change "Facebook auto setup" to insert pixel code in liquid theme? I'm trying this in one of my managed stores.



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I am interesting this as well, I am kind of debating if we need to develop an shopify API on this? 

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This is a HUGE discussion point in impact and length in order to do the subject justice.

Two of the best resources all Facebook advertisers can read are Depesh Mandalia's guide and Andrew Foxwell's FAQs.

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