Is adding GA4 tag to theme necessary after migration?

Is adding GA4 tag to theme necessary after migration?

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I can't seem to get a straight answer out of either Shopify or the developer of my theme (Flex by Out of the Sandbox) but if we've migrated to GA4, and connected our GA4 property through Shopify's backend (found in Online Store > Preferences > Google Analytics), do we still need to add the tag to our theme code?


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In my experience that should be enough, cause in the end doing it through the backend should mean putting the same code snippet in your store than doing it manually.


I would try checking it in 3 ways:

1. Opening up the source code in your store (Option+Command+U on a Mac, or Ctrl+U on a Windows) and searching for your ID.

2. Using on your store and checking if it contains "Global Analytics"

3. Just waiting 24-36h to see if data starts coming in on your GA4 account.


Hope this helps you!

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Hello @oohtruck1,

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If you have connected your GA4 property through Shopify's backend, it is not necessary to add the GA4 tag to your theme code. The integration between Shopify and GA4 allows data to be sent directly from Shopify to your GA4 property without the need for additional code.

However, it is worth noting that adding the GA4 tag to your theme code can provide additional benefits, such as allowing you to track specific events or behaviors on your website that are not captured by the default Shopify-GA4 integration. This may be particularly useful if you have customized your website's functionality in any way.

Ultimately, the decision to add the GA4 tag to your theme code will depend on your specific needs and goals for tracking and analyzing your website's data. If you are unsure, it may be worth consulting with a Shopify expert or a GA4 specialist to determine the best approach for your business.


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