Is content marketing effective, or even worth it?

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I saw this question in one of the Ecommerce Facebook groups I'm in today.

Just wanted thoughts on "content marketing". Is it a good tool to do a blog for my online store to attract potential customers to my website?

And some of the responses shocked me! 

It seams that, sadly, the effectiveness of content marketing as a traffic generation strategy doesn't seem to have filtered down to the average person building a new ecommerce business. 

And that's why I wanted to share this article on  Authority Ecommerce, as it details the same content marketing tactics used by Dr Axe & Boom by Cindy Jospeh to build 7/8 figure brands. And the best part about it is, these strategies are open to all of us.

For those struggling to generate traffic or work out how to make paid ads work for them, I think you'll find a lot of value in it. And if you've ever wondered if content marketing effective or even worth it? you'll get answers.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Of course it is, writing interesting articles that are helpful and are intended to be geared towards helping your customers better understand the product is always a good traffic generator. It takes at least 6 months and create a minimum of 1 article per month to see a small effect. after a year you will see your trafiic starting to boost up.

Simply do not write an article to just write it, do some research, create some great images, videos. Put your shoes in the customer, if your article going to be helpful or is it just content filler. Also avoid copy paste other peoples work. 

It's allot of hard work, but the rewords are there for businesses with long term insight.

Same applies to videos.

Best of luck.

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I've heard about 80% time for producing the content is putting on "research", the rest 20% is about writing the topic itself. In the past I've done few content marketing activities and mostly focused on providing the value to users. And all content is targeted to specific keywords with best SEO practices onsite.