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Is fixing nofollow attributes on external links necessary for SEO?

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Hello! I am going through SEMrush today to try and improve my site's SEO and one thing I came across was this:

"105 outgoing external links contain nofollow attributes"

For an ecommerce site, is this something I should be trying to fix? If so, how do I go about doing it?

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Hi @taction-Vince,

I don't think there is something to fix. 

Nofollow attributes tell search engines what is the relation of the linking page with the link target –– and nofollow tells search engines that they shouldn’t follow these links and therefore shouldn’t pass any link authority to the link target.

Plus, right now if you add the unfollow link to the links, e.g. Google treats the nofollow link attribute as a hint rather than a directive.

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OK but what about all the links that are connected to my blog but I do want them to follow and they’re all no follow so how do I fix this please?