Is google shopping worth it?

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I have an Etsy and a Shopify account, the Etsy shows up in google shopping, I tried connecting the Shopify store which uses the same titles and images to google and the feed appears to work but I never see the items in google.

Both stores sell the same products and the Shopify store has been going about 6 weeks. I don’t know if all the issues trying to get the Shopify store on google are really worth it. I’d prefer to work on getting my ranking higher.

I see on websites like Fivver people advertising to get traffic to your site and I tried one, the views went up but I’m not convinced it’s human traffic and not some bot.


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Lets think about this logically. If Etsy advertises on your behalf on Google Shopping, and you want to do the same. Then you are competing against yourself. Meaning you need to bid pretty high to win an ad auction.

However the core or your ranking is based on your data feed. Make sure to add all requirements and recommendations:

Then when that is done, you can increase the bidding to get more traffic.

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