is it better to include include store name in image alt text?

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I am now dropshipping for a brand and I don't know if it is good to put the brand's name in the image alt text? And is it better to put my store name in there as well because some of the app has the default format to put store name in there as well. Thanks

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Hi there,

- it is not necessary that you put our store name in the image alt text. Image alt text should be the keywords that customers usually search.

- If your store name has amounts of search volume, you can put your store name here.

You can use some tools to find the best keywords.


  • Describe the image, and be specific. Use both the image's subject and context to guide you.
  • Keep your alt text fewer than 125 characters. Screen-reading tools typically stop reading alt text at this point, cutting off long-winded alt text at awkward moments when verbalizing this description for the visually impaired.
  • Don't start alt text with "picture of..." or "Image of..." Jump right into the image's description. Screen-reading tools (and Google, for that matter) will identify it as an image from the article's HTML source code.
  • Use your keywords, but sparingly. Only include your article's target keyword if it's easily included in your alt text. If not, consider semantic keywords, or just the most important terms within a longtail keyword. For example, if your article's head keyword is "how to generate leads," you might use "lead generation" in your alt text, since "how to" might be difficult to include in image alt text naturally.
  • Don't cram your keyword into every single image's alt text. If your blog post contains a series of body images, include your keyword in at least one of those images. Identify the image you think is most representative of your topic, and assign it your keyword. Stick to more aesthetic descriptions in the surrounding media.
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Alt is basically an alternative name for your image.

Google doesn't understand your picture, but it reads the alt text to figure out what it's about.

Use a relevant keyword in the alt tag, which means it should be connected to the image. For example, if there is a picture of a cat in the rain, the alt should be "cat in the rain" so that Google bots can deduce from reading this that there is a cat in the rain.

It would be a negative SEO to use your name in all pictures, even if they are irrelative.