is it possible to separate free sample orders from paid order in google analytics?

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Is it possible to somehow tag or set up script that allows us to record transactions that are either free samples or paid orders so we can see in google analytics the difference and then the effect of these different types of orders we receive?


Idea is setting a rule showing orders/transactions that are equal or less than £4 to be classed as sample and any orders/transactions to be classed as a paid transaction.


Ultimately I want to be able to look in google data studio and see the total number of samples compared to paid transactions and compare to pervious periods.


samples currently are set up as products with a sale price of £0 and are processed as a order so google records all samples as transaction (we also have a rule were 3 or less samples = free delivery more than 4 = £4 delivery charge).


When looking at total transactions metric I can't set a dimension to remove transaction less than £4 from the total.

I can do this with order ids but this leaves me with a list of order id's and no total number with % increase/decrease from time periods.



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I've used a couple tactics to achieve something similar:


A) Set up a custom event in Google Analytics, then put the logic on your thank you page to only send that event if the order value is a certain amount.


Reference on that from Google:


It may be a bit complicated the first time you set it up but if you get stuck there are plenty of blogs on the topic or you could hire someone skilled in Google Analytics (they also might know a way to remove certain orders in reports, but without a custom event I'm not sure how you could identify those orders anyway).


B) If you want to separate orders in Shopify you could apply tags to the orders. If you're doing good volume and want the orders tagged automatically, Order Automator can do that.


With method B it won't apply to Google Analytics, but you would be able to filter and see all orders in Shopify that samples or not samples.

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Thank you Joe for your reply. Good to know there are 2 options to try and thank you for the Reference links.


Will let you know how I get on.