Is it to be expected that not all traffic converts equally?

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I have a meme merch dropshipping store.

My traffic from google ads gets sales at a right-around-average conversion rate.

My traffic from Facebook, IG, and Pinterest gets sales at a far-below-average conversion rate.

Are there likely causes for this that affect other stores of my kind? I would be curious to hear from anyone who's experienced something similar. It should be noted that all my google ads and social media traffic take people to the homepage and not directly to any one product.


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Hey, @memelordmartin 

In short, not all traffic is equal. This can come down to a variety of factors such as:

  1. The type of users that belong to one platform vs another (Searching Google for answers compared to browsing Facebook).
  2. The audiences goal of interacting with said platform
  3. The type of content that is the most engaging for that platform

Therefore, the way in which you engage with your audience can vary. I'd recommend taking a look at our Shopify blog post here that covers 20 different ways to get traffic to your site and offers tips on how to find success with each avenue.

If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

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Hello @memelordmartin 

well the first thing is that it’s good that you’re getting conversions!

In regards to optimizing your conversion rate you will have to test different ads. I recommend having the same ads from your social ads as duplicates with a different landing page pointing to the collection page instead of Homepage, this way you can test to see if that would make a difference. Since they are clicking on your ads might as well showcase your products to grab their attention directly then have them to browse around.


For some brands social ads are more directed for branding and visuals to create awareness and in google would be more directed to direct sales. You will have to see from your side which is better after testing around different audience with interest groups and then scaling on the platform/channel or ads that are bringing jn the highest return.

hope this helps.



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Google Ads are served based on specific keyword phrases that people are searching for. "Red shoes for sale", "the best soap ever". So you are targeting very specific search terms, performed by people that are actively researching products/services,  and hopefully sending them to very specific products/services that match that search.

Social media ads just blast people with your content based on demographics, groups they are in, stuff they say they like, etc.. It's not as specific or wanted as a keyword search, hence the lower conversion ratios.

This is my opinion but also based on a lot of experience.


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Pretty typical for search (PPC & SEO) to have higher CR than others from most sites I've seen.

With search traffic, the way I think about it is that people are already searching for your brand or the stuff you sell. They are more likely to be in "buy mode" than other channels.

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