Is it too soon to start running 'Add to Cart' conversion on Facebook ads?

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Hi guys,

This is my new store, running FB traffic ads to what I think is the end user demographic-wise and have included all suggested interests. Ads (3) are video of users unboxing the products. 
Concurrently running a retargeting FB ad, same creative, to on top social engagers and web visitors from preceeding 10 days, conversion 'Ad to Cart' objective. Have been doing this for about 4-5 days: 2 ATCs (1 sale).

Is it too soon to run ATC conversion?

Spending $15-20 daily. Added the discount to the site yesterday. Plan to add in a blog on the site soon and have enlisted some micro influencers to contribute to a it and reshare.

Thanks in advance!


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How much conversion data do you have in your Facebook Pixel?

Peter, Founder @ PK Digitals (where we help ecom brands to scale)

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Hi there


I agree with the other poster - sounds like you may need to build up more signal in your pixel before expecting more from your bottom of funnel ATC conversion ad. 


The temptation is always to go straight for conversions but at your budget you may need to spend a little more time investing in top of funnel to give the pixel signal in terms of traffic and engagement events first.


Since you posted this a little while ago, any updates? How did you get on?





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