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Is my fb pixel recording if my conversion first went through google search ads at an earlier time?

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I run Google Ads and Facebook ads to try and get sales on my shopify website. All of my sales are coming through facebook at the moment.

I am getting visits to my website through google ads.
My target audience on Facebook is people who have visited the website and lookalike audience.
I don't know if the sales I'm getting on Facebook are people who have not been to my website before and purely seeing my fb ads or if they have been to my website through google and then later seen my ad on facebook and converted.
Shopify attributes my sale to Fb and Fb ads also attributes the sale to FB.
Could it be that these people are visiting my website first through google when finding my through search ads and then at a later date being reminded on fb and buying or is it just straight out fb?

Many thanks!
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