Is my store mess up?

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Hi, I added my store to Google Search Console. As you can see in the there are just 7 Valid pages and 78 are excluded. Is that normal or is there something messed up? 

Here is a link to my shop:

Google Console.PNG

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Hi Yuri, 


In my experience this is normal. I used to run a site with over 10,000 pages, and over 5k were excluded. 


The reason is always hard to determine. It could be Google thinks the pages are spammy, or it's just a matter of time. Keep focusing on improving your SEO and getting your company talked about around the internet. Google should start to index eventually. 

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Hey Yuri,

This is normal but just to make sure Crawled and Discovered pages don't contain URL(important), check those URLs which are excluded.

and if you found any useful one, request indexing of those specific URLs.



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Hey Yuri,

It can try to fix some of the issues directly.

For Discovered- current not indexed + Crawled- currently not Indexed there are a few reasons why it ended up like that.

1. You changed the site URL structure recently

2. These pages are new

3. Too much duplicate content

Why this happens:

Even if we don't think about it much, it does cost Google compute resources to index every single page on the web, if it is new or if Google suspect that page is a temporary page, it won't index it immediately. If it has too much duplicate content (e.g. same or similar product description across all the products), Google sees no extra value ranking those pages.


Fixes for the above:

1. Submit all those pages individually 

2. Wait for a couple of days


The ones that are a bit more problematic are the "Blocked by robot.txt" + "Alternate pages with proper canonical tag".


Block by robot.txt

This means there are specific instructions to not index these pages. Was this on purpose? (Sorry, I can't tell which pages these are) If you can, try to find those pages and remove this and submit the page for indexing

Canonical Tags

If you have the same or similar content available under different URLs, you can use canonical tags to specify which version is the main one and thus, should be indexed.

Did you intend for this? My guess is that you might have duplicated some pages by accident


Right now, when you do a search for your store, this is all that shows up. You should try manually submitting 5-10 of the pages you want indexed and check in in a couple of days.Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 4.51.27 PM.png


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Yes, it is normal but it takes a while to crawl the others of your Shopify website.