Re: Is 'Sessions by Landing Page' a valid method to view product conversion rate?

Is 'Sessions by Landing Page' a valid method to view product conversion rate?

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It is my understanding that Shopify does not provide analytics that show product conversion rate, only for the whole store on your analytics dashboard. Because of this, folks install 3rd party apps from developers that pull / create this data.


However, I am here because I ran into a Shopify report that seems to show conversion data and I would like for Shopify to confirm if this is and / or can be considered a product conversion rate.


There is a report called “Sessions by landing page” and I realized that it pulls data for not only landing pages, but also product pages, considering them as “products” within the report. Then you can click to view additional columns on the report and it has a conversion data column available.


is this a fair assessment and way to view product conversation rate?


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Boy do I have an app for you 😏

I launched Crowly some weeks ago to help merchants like you automate conversion rate optimization.


In basic terms it auto-generates descriptions and/or pricing and continuously tests the best performer against new ones. As traffic comes in, the app will find the ideal pricing and descriptions for each of your products. While doing this, it'll track conversion rates for each description, price, and also the overall product stats like conversion rate, gross sales, etc.


The app has a free plan + I'd really love some feedback as well  😊


If you like it, i'd be happy to send you an app credit so you can test out the Plus plan.


All the best,


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Unfortunately, it's not a fair assessment. Only a partial one.


Let me explain. I tested this on my store.


This report is only showing you which page sessions on your store start on. Meaning that if a customer lands on Product A's page but they also buy Product B, in this report it will only count as a conversion for Product A's page.

I'm figuring you need a conversion rate that shows you how many of the people who visited a product's page actually bought the product in the end.

I do too. I still haven't found a way to do it without an app. In the past it was possible with Google Analytics, but not anymore since GA4.

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Hi Riithink, 


As a fellow forum member commented, it's not really helpful the approach you presented. In general when talking about Product Conversion Rate it is not possible to mix it with the concept of Sessions. A session as you know can contain tens/hundreds of page views including multiple products viewed, added to cart and ordered or abandoned. In order to have the best visibility you have to track each page/product view with a tracker script. Usually few Shopify apps do this because its a pretty big operation to set up infrastructure to track hundreds of millions of page views (depending on the number and size of stores that installed the app)


One of the few apps that do this, I proud to say :), combining data from Shopify and from its proprietary tracking, is Datma ( you can see a free/no-login demo here: ) - I would recommend it if you are serious about product analytics.


Hope that helps, see you around!

Peter @ Datma