Is there a way in Mailchimp to send an autoresponder email when someone enters an email address EVEN IF already subscribed?

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What I'd like to do is offer a freebie (a single use discount code) in exchange for their email address, but to ALSO send them the code if they're already signed up to the list. 

Is there a way to do this in Mailchimp? It seems like the only time the receive a welcome email or final welcome email is if they're a completely new subscriber, but I don't want to penalize my existing subscribers like that. I'd like to...

1) subscribe them to my list if they aren't already subscribed, and then automatically send them the discount code in an email. 

2) if they are already subscribed, then just automatically send them the discount code in an email. 

Can anyone help me out? I'd like to use Mailchimp if there's a way to do it. 

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Hi Karen, 

Yes, It is possible to do that. We can set up when users subscribe they get the discount code in an email. 

For Already Subscribed users, You need to send them the newsletter with a discount code in bulk and that also can be done via MailChimp.

you can email us with your store URL. So we can discuss further.